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Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers


Eileen Daniel- Having taught at ECF for 22 years, there is no doubt that Eileen brings a wealth of experience and a wide range of knowledge to the classroom.  Known for her gentle nature and nurturing patience, Eileen is a highly regarded educator among the staff and families at ECF. In her spare time Eileen loves going on long walks with her husband.

Tracy DeMarinis- Having had her 3 children attend ECF, Tracy brings a unique perspective to the families she works with.  Whether it’s leading our Together Time program or classroom teaching, we can always count on Tracy’s positive attitude, warmth and authentic love of young children to brighten our day. Her commitment to helping children develop a positive sense of self makes every child feel special. Tracy has been teaching at ECF for 8 years.  Some of her interests include travel and spending time with her family.

Mary Devine- With over 30 years of classroom experience at ECF, Mary is a beloved educator amongst our community and a true mentor to some of our younger teachers. Her dedication to the children and families that she works with shines as her students run to see her each morning! Known for her gentle command of her classroom, Mary incorporates cooking with the children as a main component to her practice. Outside of ECF, Mary enjoys sewing, cooking and spending time with her two beautiful grandchildren.

Patti Dickerson- Patti has been a teacher at ECF for 26 years.  Patti has an in-depth knowledge of child development, strong communication skills and a dedication to each child’s positive experience at school that cannot be matched. One visit to her classroom and you will be impressed with her creativity and sense of humor. When she is not teaching Patti enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and painting. 

Krista Hershberg- Another “parent alumni” who fell in love with ECF’s approach to learning, Krista has been teaching here since 2012.  As the Jr. K Teacher, Krista has the tremendous responsibility and privilege of guiding children through “just one more year…” of Pre-K.  She has created a curriculum that is responsive to the developmental needs of young 5’s while providing them with the skill base and knowledge they will need as they enter Kindergarten.  Krista is talented, knowledgeable (MS ECE/Special Ed) and loving- the perfect fit for creating a program to address the many domains that come with turning 6!  Krista enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and 2 dogs.

Vicki Tatarian- Vicki has been an indispensible part of our staff since 2013.  A true collaborator, Vicki’s contributions to curriculum implementation and design are a gift to the children and teachers she works with.  Always ready with a hug, Vicki’s ability to empathize with the challenges of early childhood development is something that we can all learn from. Outside of school Vicki is the proud mother of two girls who keep her very busy.

Jennifer Read- Jen’s children also attended ECF! In addition to her classroom practice, Jen runs our Healthy Snack program and teaches a cooking enrichment class after school. Her progressive approach to working with children is as fascinating as it is successful. Jen’s goal is to spark each child’s innate curiosity about the world around them, making her a perfect fit for our program. She has been a teacher here since 2011 and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Shelley Short Time flies when you’re having fun! Shelley has been a teacher at ECF for 18 years. We feel so fortunate to have a community of educators who not only love to teach, but also to learn and Shelley is a great example of that as she incorporates the children’s interests into her curriculum.  This year the children have studied owls and worked on an author study of Jan Brett.  When she is not teaching, Shelley is spending time with her four grandchildren.