Eliza Corwin Frost




Brought to us by Budding Buddha’s of New Rochelle, this fun-filled class combines yoga poses, music games and breathe work to build focus, strength, concentration and confidence. Children learn how to calm their own bodies through various breathing exercises. Each class ends with “Peace Time” (final relaxation)



Eliza Corwin Frost welcomes Shane Bland, our very own Music Specialist! Shane’s background working with children and working in theatre combine to make him the perfect fit to enhance the children’s development and love of music through song, dance, movement and games. Children will explore the elements of rhythm, melody, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills.



Meghan Meehan, a dancer, choreographer and artist, runs our very popular children’s movement program. Meghan has her B.A. In Dance from Muhlenberg College, and her M.F.A. in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College. Since graduating, Meghan has taught dancers of all ages, in techniques such as ballet, jazz, modern dance, and dance improvisation. Her fun and engaging program is designed to develop your child’s motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.She is so thrilled to be able to move and dance with such a fun and enthusiastic group of children! 

Physical Education

At ECF we place a high priority on physical fitness and the development of gross motor skills. Each week the children attend a Movement/ Phys ED Class that is designed to increase speed, strength and endurance in an articulated, developmentally appropriate program. 

Students move through hurdles, run through agility ladders, cones and other props to refine athletic ability. Both static and dynamic movements are incorporated to strengthen both sides of the body equally. As Meghan leads the children through a variety of conditioning activities and games, she is promoting coordination, balance and form. Along with our Teachers, Meghan encourages the children to challenge themselves and feel successful; boosting social skills, self-esteem and technique- laying the athletic foundation for each child's future.

Community Visitors

Throughout the school year, the students have unique opportunities to learn alongside community members!