Eliza Corwin Frost

Letter from the Director

Letter from the Director


Thank you for visiting our website. What you will find at Eliza Corwin Frost is warmth, joy, excitement, creativity, diversity, and an enthusiastic community of learners where everyone embraces and understands the importance of the early childhood journey.

For nearly four decades, our school has nurtured generations of bright, young children through our strong progressive and play-based mission. Encouraging flexible thinking and creative problem solving produces joyful, active, and engaged learners. ECF’s strong commitment to community connection and service sets it apart from other schools in Westchester.

Eliza Corwin Frost is unquestionably a bright star among the early childhood schools in Westchester; it possesses intentionality and direction in the early childhood-centered journey. We support the whole child – social, emotional, creative, academic, moral, and physical development.

Community is one of the core values each ECF family and faculty member embraces, with an emphasis on how kindness and mutual understanding make the world a better place. From learning to respect and value one another in the classroom, to learning about other cultures and experiences, we are an open and diverse school community that believes a strong partnership between home and school is the most effective way to guide children through their first formal educational experience and help to prepare them, and their parents, for the path ahead. Great schools are not just a physical space for a child to grow but a sounding board and support system for the broader community and a true partner to every child’s family.

Children thrive in an environment where they feel safe, secure and are encouraged to be expressive and creative. This combination exists throughout Eliza Corwin Frost. Our belief that young children can accomplish great things through thoughtful intentionally has built a program that is designed to bring out the best in every child. 

We welcome you to visit our school and see firsthand all of the greatness.


Victoria McLaughlin M. Ed, Director of ECF